Tree FM at Newbury by-pass protest

Many years ago I used to have lots of fun making radio packages for various programmes on BBC Radio 4 – in particular a programme called The Afternoon Shift which let me loose into the strangest worlds. I did a detailed look at the ancient sport of ‘Gut Barging’ for example, and an anthropological investigation into why men feel awkward wearing skirts. And then last night, a blast from the past as a friend – who is making a documentary all about the Newbury By-Pass protest of the mid 90s – sent me this mad piece I did looking at the pirate radio station called Tree FM that used to keep up the spirits of the hardy souls in the trees:

Hugh Warwick BBC Radio4 TreeFM Newbury 1996

I found the time spent at the Newbury protest very special. I was always a light-weight – I traveled down from Oxford rather than join the really dedicated folk who lived in the trees. But I did manage to make a few programmes for the BBC as well as lend my body to the general obstruction of the destruction. Looking back at the photos I do wish I had been braver/hardier …


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