A wave of events coming up …

9th June – Bristol Festival of Nature – come and see me in the talks tent at 1330 – Linescapes.

12th June – HedgeOX – Saving Oxfordshire’s Hedgehogs – Launch event. Thrilled to be letting this erupt into the wild – at the Oxford Natural History Museum – 6-7pm (and then celebrations in the pub). This will be keeping me busy for quite a while!

14th June – Festival of Debate in Sheffield – I am really excited to be discussing bioabundance with Natalie Bennett.

19th June – Froglife are organising a Toad Summit and I am chairing one of the sessions – and trying to get some mention of hedgehogs into this very important event!

25-26th June – Nottingham Environment Conference – a two day event – I get to be challenging and hopefully amusing on the first evening … both hedgehogs and linescapes being talked about.

1st July – I am proud to be a patron of Vale Wildlife Rescue and this is their open day – a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes of one of the country’s best wildlife hospitals. I will be talking about hedgehogs at some stage!

26-29th July – great to be invited back to Port Eliot Festival to talk about Linescapes. Not sure when I will be on yet, but why not come for the whole thing!