Over the years I have written about many different subjects for a wide range of publications. Here are some examples:

The Guardian

BBC Wildlife Magazine – “A prickly problem”

Daily Mail – robins

Countryfile Magazine – hedgehogs

New Humanist

The Ecologist

For three years I edited a magazine about genetic engineering. Here is a piece about Golden Rice.

I have written a number of longer-form piece, for example this investigation into Cuban agriculture, “Cuba’s Organic Revolution”, from Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy, Summer 2001.

The research I did on Indoor Air Pollution is still being used Smoke – the Killer in the Kitchen: Indoor Air Pollution in Developing Countries (Practical Action, 2004)

I spent a wonderful time meeting farmers affected by the rise of genetically engineered crops in the USA and it was published by the Soil Association as Seeds of Doubt.

Syngenta: Switching off farmers’ rights?  was a report for ActionAid.