Hedgehog by Hugh Warwick

Reaktion, £9.99

I have long loved the Animal series from Reaktion - and after reviewing a couple of them for the BBC Wildlife Magazine I asked whether anyone was doing the hedgehog edition ... someone had put in a proposal, but it was not commissioned, so I thrust myself to the front of the queue and this is the result. In terms of returns for time and effort, I was paid a few pence per hour. But the result looks gorgeous - over 100 pictures laboriously sourced by yours truly (and the words aren't so bad either).

Again, it has been very pleasing to see reviews:

Oxford Times: "Hugh Warwick’s book Hedgehog is a delight for anyone of any age..."
Smallholder Magazine: "With hedgehogs on the decline this is a wonderful insight into the world of one of our favourite creatures."
British Hedgehog Preservation Society CEO, Fay Vas (okay, I know this is a biased reader): "I would really recommend this unique book to anyone with an interest in hedgehogs. Despite taking a serious look at some of the big issues, Hugh Warwick manages to sprinkle his trademark wit and charm throughout."

Available in all good book stores - and also online at Amazon.