The new book is coming …

I am thrilled to announce that I have another book about to hit the shelves – with rather a surprising departure from my traditional subject areas, this one is called Hedgehog ….

It is part of the Reaktion Books Animal Series that has now got over 50 species (or groups of species) represented – and all with a rather sideways look. Because this is a book less about the biology of the hedgehog and far more about the iconography of the animal – the way that the hedgehog has become such a key part of art, advertising, philosophy, poetry and even pornography (do not worry, too much – most of the 101 pictures are quite suitable for children to see).

It is due out in a couple of weeks – please feel free to order it in advance as that will make the shops all the keener to stock it! Or you can go down the Amazon route and it will probably land on your doorstep rather sooner.

I know I am biased, but this does look gorgeous – I have done the picture research as well, and to see quite so many hedgehog images in one place is rather pleasing! It has also been one of the most painful and under-paid work experiences of my life … so please, spread the word and let us hope that I will make some of those hours and hours back in the form of sales!

And just to add to the delight – I got the cover feature for the BBC Wildlife Magazine – if you can still find a copy, please buy it – rather disappointed to find out that the cover with David Attenborough as the feature has sold more!


One thought on “The new book is coming …

  1. Hugh, good luck with sales of the new book. I am looking forward to reading it and if “a prickly affair” is anything to go by I am sure it will deserve every success. I especially enjoyed the chapter in that book on the people that care for hedgehogs. It’s wonderful how this benign and charming animal is sometimes a beacon of solace for people who have had great pain and suffering in their lives. It’s also counter-intuitively charming how dogged and unaffected and just plain resistant to domestication these unique creatures are. I look forward to reading whatever more you write about them!

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