Hugh Warwick Revealed

Yes – you read that right, I am about to reveal myself ….

A while ago my publishers sent me an enormously long list of impossible questions about myself that I was assured would assist you, the buying public, in deciding to part with hard-earned cash … I was not sure, but went for it – and then, recently, I found that these questions have been incorporated into a website … so here is the most egotistical of posts ….

But then I read through it, and was surprised by what I had written … some of the questions had required far too much thought … others generated answers with which I am quite pleased. So – just in case any of you are wondering what to do with the next 5 minutes – why not have a bash at re-writing them for me! Find ways that will make me more appealing … this could be like a Wiki exercise in crowd-sourced information … and if we make it good enough, well, there will be no stopping me … the world will be mine, all mine …. (exit with megalomaniac laughter still ringing)

One thought on “Hugh Warwick Revealed

  1. Love the fact that you claim to forget the negative bits easily. That’s really a good skill. I think the HUGH WARWICK REVEALED list is fab, a real “this much I know”.

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