Nearly there …

I am so close to nearly having the website up and running in the manner that I want it to be that I am unable to hold off … mainly because it has material on it about which I am rather proud. You will see that the url has changed – and that now this is all at – which site also has the podcasts that go with my new book, a gallery of photographs (some of which are related to the book (and which will be working soon, I hope)), a smattering of articles I found online and my events page … just wondering whether I should start to put WI talks in there as well!

The next time I alert you to the site it will be all glamorous – Chris Whalen – who is doing the hard work for me, designed Roman Krznaric‘s site – is just waiting for another small element to fall into place and we can have the glory of all the pretties … I am wondering about finding some worms and moles to join the others beasties … you will understand that soon enough.

But for now – I would welcome some feedback – does it make sense? is the information provided of use? what could be done better? I have never had such involvement with a website before, so be gentle – constructive criticism would be nicer than abuse!

And the book – well, tomorrow is the press launch. I am doing a series of radio interviews for local and regional stations. And while the review in the Daily Mail was wonderful, the most heartening reviews have come from friends who had (without my knowing) pre-ordered the book and are already enjoying it – thank you.

2 thoughts on “Nearly there …

  1. you definitely need to include the WI talks…
    all power to the new web vision! looking forward to reading. big love

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