Badgers and Bats

Okay – an experiment. Or a warning!

Things are going to be changing around here in the next month or so, my new website is being built to arrive in time for the launch of my new book, The Beauty in the Beast (published by Simon and Schuster at the end of April). And part of this new website will be a little additional bit to go with the book – I recorded all of the interviews with my wonderful animal advocates, and am now in the process of editing them into short pieces … so not only will you be able to read about these amazing people, you will be able to hear them too.

And here are two of them and I would really like to know what you think. Would this be something you would like to hear in addition to the book? Do you think it will help me to sell copies of the book? Please do let me know.

First – Gareth Morgan, the mid-Wales badgerman and

Second – Huma Pearce, Mostly Bats!

Oh – and to give you a little extra treat – here are a some pictures too

2 thoughts on “Badgers and Bats

  1. Definitely! Anything that brings the book to life can only add to it. The bat piece reminded me of a happy evening spent wandering around our local common last summer with a “bat chap” and a bat detector. Fascinating and a lot of fun!

    Looking forward to your talk on 15th Hugh. Drop me a line if you have a moment just to finalise details.

  2. Nice idea – both pieces almost lost me at the start though, because I didn’t have enough context to know what I was listening to, or why I should listen beyond the silences, clicks and white noise. I would have found it helpful if the text description had given more of a clue to what we are listening to, and what to listen out for (eg like the text descriptions on BBC iPlayer). Perhaps give a spoken intro at the start as well, to set the scene (like radio magazine programmes giving a headline idea for each item coming up in the programme)? Basically, this is the same idea as the first sentences in a piece of writing grabbing attention and establishing a frame / angle for what is coming (as I did in this blog response …).

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