Animal Estates

I have been invited to give a talk in London on Thursday 15th December and fear that I may be upstaged by the poster for the event!

So if you are around Camden on Thursday evening at 6pm, come to ANIMAL ESTATES LONDON HQ, at ARUP Phase 2, 8 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 4BJ for some hedgehoggy fun and games … though I might be learning as much as anyone else given the impressive spread of hedgehog iconography on offer already!

One thought on “Animal Estates

  1. Fab poster. If you tell your audience all about the astonishing effect of lavender on Mr Prickles I’m certain that your audience will be as caught up as the students you talked to at Highbury Fields School! Apologies I can’t come – thursday is a teaching night for me and family. nicola

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