15 seconds of fame

The One Show, at last – and about 23 minutes into the show (please save yourselves, do not bother with the rest of it, it is painful!) is a whole section about our wonderful project, Hedgehog Street. Laura from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species does a wonderful job of getting a community to open up their gardens with judicious holes … though some of that was a little unnecessary as the there were clearly holes big enough for hedgehogs already … but that is the delight of television. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

And then my moment … wow, those 15 seconds flashed by rather quickly, but I am pleased I managed to say what I needed to say. Though they did introduce me as ‘Hedgehog author and aficionado’ … which is okay, but I had asked to be from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. At least we have a friend with Kate Bevan, the presenter who was snooping around my garden – she likes hedgehogs too.

The programme will be up on the web for another six days – here.

And a screen grab of me in mid flow, just to prove, after the web version is down, that it did all happen!

So lets get out there and make all our streets, Hedgehog Streets. Share the hedgehog love!

2 thoughts on “15 seconds of fame

  1. Hi,
    I live with my family in Sweden and a hedgehog has moved in to our garage. Unfortunately he/she has moved into a plstic bag where we keep one of the winter tyres and since we soon need to put the tyre on the car, I wonder how to move the hedgehog. I have looked up how to build a little house for it and to fill it with newspapers on the floor and the rest with straw. Will also cover the house with a sheet of plastic and some soil. My question is really, can I move the hedgehog safely and is it possible that it will like it´s new home?
    Kind regards, Ulrika

    • thanks for the question Ulrika, your design sounds great and it will obviously be necessary to move the hedgehog … so I think you should go for it. But whether it will be happy in its new home, who can tell! They are fickle beasts. If it has already entered hibernation it might ‘wake up’, and in which case it would be good to ensure that there is some food available near the new home – meaty pet food would be best … keep putting food out for it until it stops eating it! Good luck
      best wishes

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