Very exciting post this morning – just got a dvd from Tony Yeadon at Serendipity Pictures. A few weeks ago we went to Vale Wildlife Rescue to film this short piece with a hope of getting a commission … and I thought it would be fun to let more than just a few commissioning editors have a look.

Very rarely have I done anything quite like this – and I am learning. So, I would welcome comments and criticism – there is no point me pursuing this if the general consensus is that I will just frighten livestock.

So have a look, and please let me know. And if you are a commissioning editor … give Serendipity a call!

And to make it absolutely clear … this is PRETEND … I picked the hedgehog up as soon as I had finished and it went back in to the rescue centre. Hedgehogs out in the day are probably poorly (or being used as a stunt animal in a hedgehog-related drama).

9 thoughts on “DVD

  1. Fine with it all except…

    releasing a hedgehog in daylight!

    Whilst those of us working with hogs would know that a hog around in daylight is wrong, your average viewer won’t and I’ve had loads coming to me saying they’ve spent an hour taking photographs instead of rescuing it.

    If anything like this goes out, even with a disclaimer or a mention that daylight is wrong, Joe Public will only remember the visual.

  2. I think it was wonderful. I am from the US and of course we have no native hedgehogs. There would have to be a message for us that a hedgehog in the wild is going to die so please rescue it and take it to a center. But this was so appealing without getting sentimental. I have pet hedgehogs which I realize you do not really think much of. I have come to feel they never should have been imported because they have turned into an animal neither domestic nor wild. I do not breed mine and do my best to keep them happy. Large areas to live in and much stimulation so they do not get bored.I wish there was more good scientific information available about them. I’ve read your books and good luck with the Chinese hedgehog. Page

  3. I’m with Gill. ‘We’ (carers) have spent so much time trying to educate the BBC about the rights and wrongs of hoggy care and release and the fact that 9 times out of 10 when they show a hog it is in daylight.

    I appreciate your quest but, as Gill says, ‘Joe Public will only remember the visual’, even if a comment is made about it being wrong…. seeing is believing!

    • Thanks Paul – I really appreciate the concerns you have. This piece is not for broadcast – and there would never be something for broadcast that featured a hedgehog being released in daylight. The taster is just that – trying to get someone to commission a piece. Is Joe Public quite so dim?? I hope not, but you have direct experience … maybe I am naive in thinking that people would read my comments …

  4. Great idea for a television documentary. In fact if you are ever going to see Hugh’s Hedgehog it will probably be through something like this. It was obvious from the account of the China expedition in your book that you need a higher level of access to open doors. While a few academic contacts weren’t enough to make things happen, a film crew and the government contacts you’ll need to film in China would likely be much more effective.
    If you can sell some clever network on the China expedition as a pilot, it would be tremendous to pitch a whole series on hedgehogs around the world. They all seem to be found in interesting places and tend to play pivotal roles in their respective ecologies. Even places where hedgehogs are not native could be the subjects of programs; for example the impact of introduced European hedgehogs on New Zealand. And that is without going into the politics and general lunacy surrounding hybrid domestic hedgehogs in North America.
    One small quibble with the “taster” is that your voiceover is a bit David Attenborough, but you are on the right track. Good luck with the project.

    • Dear Linda – thanks for your kind words. I do have a plan that one day I should head off to track down all 14 species of spiny hedgehog around the world … but for now, well, I have just had my next book commissioned, so will have to let hedgehogs slip for a while. Re the ‘quibble’ about sounding like David A … I actually take that as the highest accolade! thanks again

  5. I think it’s marvelous that you sound like David A. What a compliment! I could watch an entire hour of either of you talking about hedgehogs.

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