Hedgehog T-shirt

The post arrived early this morning (very unusual) – and with it a t-shirt I have been waiting for. A friend (thanks Jess) sent me a link to Shirt Woot – who have a very strange fashion business – they produce a brand-new t-shirt design every day – which are then subject to the pressures of the market – which in turn identifies the best.

Obviously this is not a perfect selection process as my new shirt does not make it on to the front page. In fact now I have a rummage through the site, I cannot find it … I might be the only person in the UK with this shirt … I should have bought more – I could sell them on at talks … I will never be the capitalist I was supposed to be.

And in case it is not clear – that is a mountainous hedgehog eating a bulldozer. It is an image that makes me very happy!

3 thoughts on “Hedgehog T-shirt

  1. So write to them and make a proposal that they give you a percentage of every sale they make on that design through you. Surely there must be some way to team up on selling the book via Amazon with a T-shirt as well? You could create reciprocal website links. … It publicises your cause, your book, and their business, and makes money for all of you, and hedgehog lovers get a t-shirt they would not otherwise have known about (or about which they would not have known.)

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