hedgehog feet

A friend has just sent me this picture he took last year of hedgehog feet – and Brian Goddard has kindly let me put it up on the blog as it is a lovely image and a view that we don’t often get.

Brian is a great photographer and I heartily recommend a visit to his website to have a look at the images he has found from around the world.

I did a talk last night in Oxford for the Oxford Urban Wildlife Group, at Science Oxford, and it was sold out! I think everyone had a good time – just remember, I am available for very reasonable fees to come and talk pretty much anywhere.

There are still so many hedgehog stories – I can’t keep up. But because it is silly, I will share the successfully dieted hedgehog story …. though it would have been nice if the BBC had got Colin Seddon’s name right. Fourteen hedgehogs had been fattened up so much over winter that when it came to release time, they were too fat to roll up tightly into a ball!

6 thoughts on “hedgehog feet

  1. What a gorgeous photo… I studied it for ages. Even the tail gets a look in! I will use it as a wallpaper if I may?

    • Hi Paul – if I could ask you to go to Brian’s website and just drop him a line – I am sure he would be happy for it to be used, but it is polite to ask (as, in fact you already have)! – thanks

  2. Hi, I was attempting to find Brian’s site and got a bit lost (Ahh, technology!)
    I just think this is such a beautiful photo. I’m currently illustrating a childrens book about a hedgehog, and would like to ask permission to paint this photo (with slight differences)
    I haven’t been able to find any piggies around where I live, so have to source my pictures from the internet.

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