7 thoughts on “Another hedgehog song …

  1. I think it’s time for you to write, sing, record and do a slideshow for your own song, Mr HH….

  2. Hi Hugh, The song lacks passion and i felt like i wanted to raise my voice and shout at certain points to get some emotions out!It’s not bad though and you did ask for honest opinions. Love the slides.

  3. I was feeling quite cheerful until I heard that. Not your singing I hasten to add, although I agree with Robin on the passion bit, the lyrics.

    I’m just off to slit my throat!

  4. just want to make it clear … this is NOT my song … Chris T-T is responsible … it just made me laugh in a not very sympathetic way, and possibly it is mean to share it!! Annie – I have yet to write a hedgehog song that can compete with the one stimulated by Terry Prachett!

  5. my singing – and guitar playing – is adequate for entertaining children up to the age of six (when they start to be a little more discerning) … after that – who knows? My friends are too polite!

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