Bankers steal hedgehogs

Google alerts can be wonderful – through them I have found reviews of my book, references to articles I have written, and, of course, lots and lots of stuff about hedgehogs. And this morning, a new one … one that, if I had not finished my porridge, would have left me spluttering gluey oats into my beard and across the computer screen.

Who do you think is in need of a social networking facility? Which portion of society has been so left out that it needs its own platform to share and hold e-hands across the vast distances of cyber-space?

Bankers and hedge-fund managers … and they have taken the url …. oh, this bit makes me feel more than a little sick …. …. and what is even more galling about this is that I missed the url … and it is in the hands of a bunch of people who are managing to do more than anyone else to further the destruction of the lives and habitats of my beloved creatures.

What can I do, other than to grind my teeth and shake my fist in futile fury at the computer?

ps – I remembered a book review I wrote that explains a little why the very rich are so linked to the destruction of the hedgehog (well, I don’t think I actually mention hedgehogs in the review … but you get the point). The book was ‘How the rich are destroying the earth’ by Herve Kempf.

4 thoughts on “Bankers steal hedgehogs

  1. I dont think it matters that bankers have taken a URL. Thanks to google, what counts is the content of a website, not the url.

    Your blog will top any google search for hedgehog soon so blow them out of the water. or something would suit you and do just the same job as

  2. Of course, what we could do is get all the hedgehog community together and get them to make use of the very handy contact page to tell them what we think, not only of their hijacking but also their ethos.

    Perhaps a few renditions of this song, about to be released, might help

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