Amazon neurosis …

I am probably not alone in suffering from this; I get twitchy about Amazon.

I know it is not an accurate measure, but I keep going back to check my ‘sales rank’ and find myself getting profoundly affected by its fluctuations. Right when the book was launched I was thrilled to find it peaking at around 120 … but then realised that this was more to do with pre-orders. And then there was the gradual slip into four and then five digit numbers, mirrored by my heart slipping towards a slough of despond.

But what does it mean? I thought I would see how much of an impact a small flurry of sales would have on my position – and buying 3 copies (it is only marginally more expensive than buying them through the publisher) caused wondrous movement of an upward direction, back into the low thousands … so the number of sales to make my heart lighten is quite small.

Now, I should be undertaking a cost-benefit-analysis of this … how much should I spend buying copies of my book to make me happy? How should I measure the happiness? Should I find out how much therapy would cost – or drugs – and then direct that amount, instead, towards the great beast at Amazon …

Or should I just get over it?

Oh, and do I ever go and check the rankings of my friend’s books? You bet I do (damn, I am beginning to regret the confessional permissiveness of the blog) … revealing hitherto unexplored competitiveness!


One thought on “Amazon neurosis …

  1. No more I’d say in answer to your question: “how much should I spend buying copies of my book to make me happy?” on the basis that buying more of anything isn’t a path to happiness! In checking the rankings of your friend’s books consider that a) they’ve been publishing them for much longer than you (so don’t worry about that!) b) the subject matter is surely somewhat different so this variable needs to be considered!
    Be proud that you’ve written a book and had it published by Penguin/Allen Lane! What an achievement.
    Debbie x

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