sitting in a cafe

In York – therefore it must be Thursday … this has been chaos, but it all calms down by the end of tomorrow – and then all I have to do is hope that people go and buy my book. That feels strange – there is little more I can do, other than go from bookshop to bookshop, signing every copy and (if that offer is rejected, rearranging the shelves ensuring that my book sits in front of potential opposition from Bill Oddie and others …. is that ethical? I get the feeling that most authors do it to a certain extent!)

So – my theory of this book world – it is remarkably like surfing (stick with this, it works…) Now I love surfing (not very good though) – so, I am lying on my board (legs too short to do the sitting thing) and I see a wave coming. Now, I can just lie there and let the wave bob me up and down … or I can try and catch the wave – and to do that I start to paddle – manically – and if I am lucky, I will catch the wave and get the ride of my life … and I am now paddling, hoping to catch the wave of sales and … well, if it does, it will be the ride of my life … so here is hoping I have the strength and stamina to get up …

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