I have been studying hedgehogs on and off for over 25 years now, these were a couple rescued from the Uist cull.

The people protesting against the cull were eventually successful, thanks in small part to some research I undertook that undermined the claims made by the conservationists.

The study I did required I radio-track hedgehogs from the islands to see whether they could cope with the move. They could.

In my first book, "A Prickly Affair", I make the quite reasonable claim that the hedgehog is the most important creature on the planet. I was most gratified when The Big Issue agreed!

Hedgehogs have surprisingly long legs ... this one was out in the daytime after a sudden downpour of rain had disturbed it.

There are at least 700 people around the UK who take hedgehogs into care when they have been found sick or injured.

Hedgehog carers do an amazing job patching up some of the damage that we have caused to these wonderful animals.