I love taking photographs – I had fantasies about being a wildlife photographer but did not have the kit or the patience. But there is still wildlife in my work, it just tends to be things that are relatively close or not too fast moving. Recently I have had the job of photographer for my son’s choir – and their website features many of my images. I also had a tame robin for a while – the Daily Mail ran a feature on our relationship with lots of my photos (which allowed me to buy my new camera … I do love my idiosyncratic Fuji x-pro 1!

And here is just a taster of my other photographic work. If you are interested in using any of the images or you have any work you would like commissioned, please do get in touch with me.

Japanese Butoh dancer in Oxford



Hedgehog walking



Girl playing with a hula hoop



Black and white photograph of Caspar Henderson



Anti-GM crop protesters wearing alien costumes



The Beauty in the Beast