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A friend of mine tweeted at me – suggesting I join in a game of acrostics … This might seem a little esoteric for those not exposed to the beauty of Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane‘s (who has the best twitter stream in the history of twitter … if you don’t believe me, go visit!) new book, The Lost Words – but those of you who have met it will understand immediately.

I was assured that it would be fun … write an acrostic on your favourite animal …

For example twitterer @teacherglitter went with:

Cooperation is ambiguous;
Anomalies of sense and reasoning-
The epitome of singularity.

@eylanezekiel also went for a short one:

Fidgeting flyer
Leaping leech
Endless egg-layer
Annoying accompaniment

@mrfinch flew with this one:

Whirls and wheels.
In between the slates and skies,
Fierce poetry of curlicues.
Tumbling out of our world and into heaven’s.

So I had to give it a go. I am no poet – but I do love words and wordplay … as I am sure many of you do too. So have a read of my little effort and then start building your own. Add them to the comments – and I will make sure that Rob and Jackie get to see them!

Hedgebound hedgehogger
Edge-loving follower
Divining routes through roots and leaves,
Grazing on grubs;
Everybody loves you for being so at
Home in your ancient prickly body.
Only now our love is not enough;
Going, going, gone?

3 thoughts on “Lost Words inspiration …

    • that is lovely – and sorry to be missing you in Kendal – I am having a few days that are like your entire autumn I imagine!

  1. Swarming in a november sky
    teaming masses
    acrobatic aeronauts
    round and round they fly
    looping, ten hundred and more
    illimitable shapeshifting
    now plunging to dark woods
    gone this murmuration
    stillness cloaks a wintry dusk

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